Poetry Challenge

The poetry challenge is just a fun way to make sure we keep writing despite our busy lives. In each round a member picks a theme and each participant writes a poem on that theme. Anyone who wishes to join my poetry challenge can join.
Theme 1 : Sex (The Wild Dance, Under the Green Sheets)
Theme 2 : Loss of a friend/relationship
Theme 3 : Regret (The Monsters Under My Bed, Losing Magic)
Theme 4 : Rainy Thursday (Rainy Thursday, Little You)
Theme 5 : Letter (A Letter, The Unread Letter, Letters)
Theme 6 : Lingering Thoughts (Living it again and again and again, Moments Captured)
Theme 7 : Menstruation (Once a Month, Something on My Dress)
Theme 8 : Ripples of Change (The Ripple Effect, A Mother’s Strength)
Theme 9 : Black and White (Black and White, To Be a Colour, The Beauty In The Eyes)
Theme 10 : My Poetry (My Poetry , Making Magic, These Lines)
Theme 11 : Soft Storms (Leave Me Softly, Ray of Hope)

What to Wet

In the great rainy season
gloomy, green and wet
I bought an umbrella
To avoid getting wet

Now I protect it with the best of me
to avoid it getting wet
because it’s so hard to dry it
If I get it wet

The Day Begins

——-I almost missed the bus today!!!—————

That’s not high heels!!
Oh no
That is the sound of galloping feet!!

That’s not vehicles rushing past!!
Oh no
That is the sound of great applause!!

That’s not sweat pouring down my face!!
Oh no
That is water sprayed by adoring fans!!

Those are not bored faces watching me get on!!
Oh no
These are my fans rushing for a hug!!


The Silence of Poetry

Ask me not
Why I write not
About the morning dew

Ask me not
Why my poetry does not
Have a rainbow’s colorful hues

For some things can never be written about
For fear that their beauty will die in the rhymes
Of an amateur such as me

And some words will never ebb and flow
To a rhythm divine that justifies
The beauty that I see

I don’t write about the gentle beam
Of the moon, queen of night
And I do not attempt to rhyme
Flowers, children’s smiles
The beauty of a waterfall
Escapes my finger tips
And about my daughter’s curly locks
My lips forever sealed!!!!


Nail biting
Hands sweating
Gut squelching

Knees shaking
Eyes blurring
Heart burning

Lifeless moments
Nauseous glimpses
Of how things
Could change

Fears creeping
Spineless feeling
A worrywart’s
best friend

Ray of Hope – Poetry Challenge Submissions

We take for granted the blessing of having parents..there are those who never knew life the way we do. Inspired and saddened after something I read today, tried to put myself in such a place…

Softly breathing in her scent,
Snuggling closer to her warm chest,
Basking and bathing in unconditional love
Even her sleeping self warmly spreads out.
Just when I was settling in,
Firm hands tug to pull me away
A crushing embrace- protective it meant
Warm, safe and unfailing
He expressed love a different way…
Happily I slept, nourished and content,
With them by my side
Every mountain I shall conquest…
Morning came, they woke me up,
Her scent no more, his hands tugged me not..
Tried so hard to make some sense
Others like me around my bed….
As I rubbed my eyes
Turning out the morning light,
Reality creeps slowly inside…
Just another day at the Orphans Home,
Here lived kind souls I am grateful for…
Like on most days, I will see again
Smiling children with parents,
Their tiny hands so securely held…
Handing out candy, handing out fruits,
We smile and wave,
Whispering prayers of thanks as we take…
One fine day i shall hold my own child,
One fine day I shall never let go,
One fine day I will have those to love,
One fine day is my ray of hope…
For tell me, blessed souls, is it a worthy life
If you have to wait through the day
Yearning for the dark of the night
Just to dream of having a mother and a father
Atleast for a day, I was not lucky to have…

Zahara Jawfer Tharique (https://www.facebook.com/zahara.jawfer)

The One Night Stand

Grab me from behind you
and throw me around you
on to your strong and sturdy chest

lick me, taste me , squeeze me
burn a fire deep inside me
I’ll inflame our little love

Bite me, push me, hurt me
Delve deep inside me
Fill me with your exotic scent

Return to life without me
Then forget me, leave me
To my happily peaceful rest

Leave Me Softly

If you’re going to destroy me
then do it softly
be gentle with my heart

because though I ignored you
and maybe misused you
I never meant any lasting harm

Touch me softly
love tenderly
whisper your sweet love songs

Let your storm hit me softly
and leave me gently
Hurt my body, not my heart..