Miyan Raja

He is the symbol
Of prosperity peace and hope

He will strike regardless
Of the tranquility he beholds



If people could see
Into my heart
and see what I see
Reflections of me

As the great ocean
With it’s joyous waves
Hides at it’s depths
a surprising stillness

And as those waves
foam and bubble
you would never guess
of the hidden darkness

Missing Home

I miss the burning sun
In the streets of Pettah
The wide grins of strangers
In the streets of Pettah

I miss running for a shade
The warm and dusty wind
I miss the brilliant colours
Saree’s flailing in the wind

I miss the smell of fried rice
Emitting from a tiny ‘hotel’
And I miss the jokes and laughter
Of us, us Sri Lankans


In an unknown desert
In an unknown village
An unknown boy
was dying

And I as usual
Looked as usual
Sighed as usual
and clicked ‘share’

I wish that was it
But it was not
Meant to be
The end of it

The video kept playing
Oh, and it kept on playing

A seven year old
Weighing three kilos
Polio on both legs
Not moving from
The waist down

But it did not end
But it did not end

A close up of the face
the curly hair
The dusty face
The eyes

My daughter’s eyes
God! He had my daughter’s eyes
How I cried
God! How I cried…

The most moving things
Cannot be ‘Shared’

Social Media

“Social media causes
a destruction widespread”
They believed,
They said

Without social media
People know hearsay
I believe
and I say

I would know
you were divorced
I wouldn’t know
you were happy so

You would know
I lost a child
You wouldn’t know
I survived

With social media

I see you happy
I see you smiling
I see you ate breakfast
I see you fine dining

I get depressed
I question my life
The extent of your happiness
Darkens my mind

Then I blame social media
The poor, helpless victim
of dark minds and times
and stalking addiction

The Victims

They conquered, they murdered
They tortured
They stole

The industrial revolution was
The milestone
Of their growth

It was fueled by resources
From our countries
Which they stole

And now they feel victimized
To the Immigrants coming in
In their search for ‎a place better than home….

A Chilly Winter

As the orange autumn leaves
Fall to my feet so lazily
With the chill the winds bring
I know the snowy season is in

Winter delights in my mind
Are the same as that of a child
Christmas stockings, jingling bells
Carollers, snow and everything else

The laughter, food and the good cheer
The wine, dine and chilly beer
Freezing hands and loving hearts
Warm and tender, though miles apart