The Broken Blossom

While I searched
For the perfect bloom
She found happiness
In a broken blossom


To My Daughter’s Father

We used to be engulfed
In a blazing fiery passion
In it’s wild dancing light
We were passion’s definition

Now the fiery inferno
Has become just a flame
With highs and lows
and good days
But never the wild fire
It was again

And now a tiny
Little stranger
Warms herself
By it’s faltering light

To her it’s love
Is warm and safe
As she curls up
For the night

But don’t ever think
That I have forgotten
Our passionate and blazing past
Every ounce of love
I place on her
Is reminisce of
Our wild love past

Every hug and
Every kiss
That I give her
I think of you

Every hug and
Every kiss
Is a kiss and hug
I place on you

Bounded Rationality

He chases magic
The spirits in his dreams
He chases a world
Denied to logical beings

At times I wonder
If it’s insanity I see
Behind a calm demeanor
are unorthodox beliefs

But mostly I just question
My staunch disbelief
Of any thread of magic
In a world I can’t perceive

Feeling Blue

Tiny toes peeking out
from under pillows blue
Sticky kisses on my cheeks
From eating jelly blue
Chubby hands clapping fast
Pointing at a sky so blue
You’ve turned my life topsy-turvy
You redefine my blue


Row, row, row your boat
My little angel, row
Row through the river
Enjoy the view
But always, always, row

On your journey
You will pass
Many things
you love and know
Doubts will come
And fears too
But my girl,
you must row

Little Jack will
burn himself
Jumping over
the candle stick
Then he will go
To fetch some water
And tumble down
the hill with Jill

Be the ice to his burn
and relief to his pain
Help Jill get up again
But get on your boat
and on you paddle
at the end of the day

Little Miss Muffet
On her little tuffet
Will scream at the sight
of Itsy Bitsy
Little Bo Peep
Will be crying
Because she lost
Her baa baa black sheep

Stop and love
Stop and care
Kiss their tears away
But get on your boat
And on you paddle
At the end of the day

As night comes with
Twinkling stars
Wonder at their sight
Help mother duck
Find her five little ducks
And warm the little kittens
Till they find their mittens
Help those who are lost

But at the end of the day
Get on your little boat
And on you paddle away…


Kites floating
Dancing, flirting
In the
Bright blue sky
Causing wonder
Joy, magic
In my
Daughter’s eyes
I adore
the happiness
And the
Joy it brings
I envy her
Childish joy;
She doesn’t know
Of the string

For Justice

Justice requires
Too much effort…
Most of the time
The fight for justice
Is all for no avail…
Many times
I have chosen
To not fight for justice….
But every time
I always wish
I raised my voice
for justice

The Payment

“You are alive and living
and you didn’t even pay for it!!”
Maybe not today, maybe now now
But someone once did…

Particles of memories
Fill my mind
Like the random scribbles
Of a child

Emergency section, postnatal depression
The jaundice, the breastfeed
Alone in the world
An infant and me

The fear and guilt
of returning to work
Divided between ambition
and a child eating dirt!!

You never paid for it
and you will never know
The effort and the work
put into helping you grow

Inspired by an article:  What is the Most Valuable Gift Ever